About Me

Hi! Nice to meet you 🙂 

My name is Martyna Halas*. I’m a freelance writer, musician, and all-round creative.

My goal is to help you find your voice, embrace personal change, and understand what happiness and success really mean to you. 

*(If you follow my music projects, you may also know my nicknames ‘Martyna Noise’ or ‘M-Noise’)

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Once upon a time, there was a Polish girl who lived in a city that had too many z’s and c’s to be comprehensible for a non-Polish speaker. She fell in love, got a one-way ticket to Germany, and left everything behind.

Her German escapade consisted mostly of working as a waitress and struggling to understand the local dialect. Not long after, she took off to Ireland to search for the Cliffs of Moher, Clannad-like soundscapes, and Father Ted

Martyna and the Cliffs of Moher

The recession hit hard just as she came to the Emerald Isle, so she grabbed whatever opportunities she could get. Long story short; she landed a job in the insurance sector. For a while, she felt inspired to climb that ladder and earn more, so she got a project management degree and did pretty well. So what was wrong, I hear you ask?

You see, she was also a musician, and the mismatch between the corporate world and her creative aspirations made her deeply unhappy. She just never felt like she was in the right place.

One day, while she was tidying up, she found a letter she wrote to her older self when she was 10. It read:

“Dear Me, I hope you are now a famous singer or a kickass writer. Don’t let me down!”

She was neither of these things, but the funny note reminded her that her passion always boiled down to two things: singing and writing. And, boy, did she let her younger self down.

Fast forward to the present day

The girl has since moved to The Netherlands, returned to college to study journalism, and became a freelance writer (check out my portfolio).

That girl is me. Hello! I’m glad you found your way to my website.  

I think you’re here because, like me, you have been wandering aimlessly, feeling unhappy for a long time. You feel stuck with nowhere to go, and you wonder how on earth you ended up at this point. 

Perhaps you’ve been under pressure to live your life the way someone else wanted. Maybe your parents envisioned a certain career for you, or you felt the need to impress your peers and work crazy hours for that promotion you didn’t care about.

Perhaps you lack the courage to aim for a location independent lifestyle, or you want a meaningful career that doesn’t compromise your values. Listen, I’ve been there too. Change is a process. Let’s figure out this whole transformation thing together, okay?

On this page, I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned, general musings of a digital nomad, and inspirational tips that helped me go towards the life I want. Isn’t it time you went towards yours?


PS. As you’ve learned from this story, I am also a musician.

Martyna touring with Ascend The Hollow

I’m actually a classically trained singer with years of choral experience, though the music I make nowadays is more on the alternative side. *cough* 

I also briefly studied professional musicianship at the BIMM Institute in Dublin.

I’ve been involved in different bands and projects for as long as I can remember, and even played a few cool tours around Europe. Currently, I’m the singer of Ascend the Hollow, which you should check out right now, especially if you’re into cyber metal. Just be prepared that the noises I make aren’t always pretty (I warned you!).

PPS. You should also know that I am passionate about mental health and gender equality, which is a recurring theme of my blog (and my other projects).